7 Famous Homes for Your Next Party

    September 18, 2012




    Waterfall Estate -  P.Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy Dirty Money or whatever his name is filmed the music video for his hit "Last Night" at the Waterfall Estate. The video featured the remains of what appeared to be an epic party the night before (hence the name of the song). Now you can live like a rap superstar for just one night and host your own epic party.



    The Gable 1920's Building - This beautiful estate was once home to two Hollywood greats: Cary Grant and Charles Bronson. The home is absolutely stunning and ideally located in the Greater Wilshire area, its no wonder it was home to two celebrities. Share this amazing opportunity with your friends and family and reserve the estate for your next dinner party.




    Villa De La Vina - Attention ladies, the famous house that has hosted countless bachelors and bachelorettes for ABC's The Bachelor can now be the backdrop of your very own cocktail party. Have your guests chauffeured up the hill and greet them at the front door before the enter the famous villa. I just hope your cocktail party doesn't have quite as many awkward encounters and cat fights as the tv show.



    Al Capone's Former Home - This beautiful estate was once home to the one and only infamous mob boss. The beautiful waterside home is two stories with a tennis court and pool. Diana Ross has also stayed at the property several times in the past decade, so host your next barbecue here before summer is officially over!


    The "Mrs. Doubtfire" HouseIf you've seen Mrs. Doubtfire, then you remember that outrageous birthday party Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) hosted for his son's birthday. Well, now you can do the exact same thing...just not quite as crazy. The home is located in San Francisco just like the movie.





    Villa Sophia - If you're apart of the few million fans of Entourage, then you'll recognize this house from the unforgettable series finale. Yes, I know you're probably thinking that the series was supposed to end in Italy, but they fooled you! It's actually conveniently located in Los Angeles and just waiting for you to have your own entourage over for a party.



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