5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Photographer for Your Holiday Party

    December 19, 2017

    Enjoy a guest post from the wonderful Chicago photographer, Jennifer Kathryn. Check out her website here!

    Photo by Jennifer Kathryn

    We’re in the heart of the holiday season, and while so much of our focus as event professionals is on our clients’ celebrations right now, it’s also a time of year where we can have a little fun by throwing a holiday party of our own. Whether you choose to do it in the middle of the season or postpone festivities to January when we all have a moment to breathe, celebrating the success of the past year with our friends and colleagues is a must. Hosting a holiday party is more than just a chance to unwind, however. It’s an opportunity to create the kind of experience that is the hallmark of your company. With that in mind, here are a few reasons you’ll want to hire a professional photographer to document an event that is every bit as important as the ones you execute during the year.

    Do Something Different

    Photo by Jennifer Kathryn

    As event professionals, we get to see (and create) some of the most beautiful events in our cities. You go to great lengths to assemble the perfect vendor team, source the most elaborate decor, and keep the flow of the day running smoothly so at the end of the day, your client has the kind of wedding or celebration they’ve envisioned. When you host your own holiday party, however, you have a little more creative freedom. Even if you’re inviting those clients you adore to celebrate with you, ultimately you get to make the final decision on theme, style, and decor. So use this as an opportunity to showcase your design and hosting skills! Experiment with a different color palette. Create a specialty cocktail. Work in a new space that you’ve had your eye on for awhile. Hire your dream team of event pros. And then choose a professional photographer to capture everything so you can add it to your portfolio of chic private events.

    Build a Buzz Around Your Company Culture

    Photo by Jennifer Kathryn

    Everyone likes an excuse to get glammed up, socialize and enjoy some bubbly! When you’re the one hosting, you’re creating an experience for your guests to enjoy that will not be forgotten. On top of that, your guests will love to see photos of themselves, the food, and the decor. Having a beautiful gallery of images from the night will keep people talking about the event well after it’s over.

    Market Future Events of This Style

    Photo by Jennifer Kathryn

    Even though portrait mode on the iPhone is pretty great, only a professional can handle a variety of lighting conditions, fully document the event to tell a story, and make everyone look their best. Plus it takes the pressure off the guests (and you) to create and source images for social media. Having professional photos will provide quality, reusable content for social media and your blog that you can use to market holiday events and private parties.

    Experience the Client Side (Even If Only A Little)

    Photo by Jennifer Kathryn

    Because you are so invested in hosting your own event, you get to experience the client side a bit and it makes you stronger as an event professional. You also get to be IN some of the photos, which can be really important if you are the face of your brand. Professional photos will show you know how to have fun yourself but also maintain your elevated reputation as an event pro. And it serves as a great way to relate with your clients’ sense of investment in their wedding or event.

    You Deserve to Relax and Celebrate

    Photo by Jennifer Kathryn

    Most of us in the event industry do what we do because it is meaningful and we get great fulfillment in serving others. It’s exhilarating to bring our clients’ vision to life, and we work really hard to do so. By the end of the year, however, we risk burnout if we haven’t taken the time for self care and celebrating our own milestones. We often cut corners on our personal events instead of investing the same amount of care as we do for our clients. While it’s understandable that a certain level of excellence is required when we produce for others, it’s important to take the opportunity to invest back into ourselves and our businesses. So even if you’re not throwing the biggest soirée of the year, do what we tell our clients to do - choose what matters and prioritize those things. And then hire a photographer to capture the spirit and energy of that holiday celebration. I promise those photos will keep you inspired going into the new year!