5 Halloween DIY Projects

    October 11, 2013

    Halloween may be on the last day of the month, but why wait for the big day for your festivities? October is really a month long celebration in anticipation for Halloween, and we've got five great Halloween DIY projects to get into the holiday spirit. Whether you're just getting together with friends or having a craft party for kids, these DIY projects are fun activities for all ages. Check them out!

    Mad Scientist Jars

    These mad scientist jars are great for a spooky decoration and are fairly easy to construct. Here are the instructions from DIY Network:



    old glass jars
    black spray paint
    wax metallic finishes
    rubber or plastic toys and bugs, doll heads
    water and food coloring
    measuring cup
    stir stick
    ink pad
    twine or string


    1. 1. Wash the jars and lids thoroughly. Spray paint the lids and, once dry, apply wax metallic finishes to them for an aged look.

    2. 2. Fill a measuring cup with water. Add a drop of food coloring and stir. Add more food coloring or more water to get the intensity of color that you want.

    3. 3. Place a toy or knick-knack into the jar and fill the jar with water. Screw the lid on tightly.

    4. 4. Using the tags, write out a label for each jar. To antique the tags, gently pat or rub them on an ink pad.

    5. 5. Tie the labels onto the jars with twine.


    Candy Pumpkin

    If you're tired of traditional pumpkin carving but still want to get the kids in the holiday spirit, try this simple candy pumpkin decorating. This is a great last minute activity that could be done days before the holiday! Courtesy of Martha Stewart, check out these simple instructions below.



    any preferred candy for decorating (marshmallows, red vines, licorice, etc.)


    1. Set an intact pumpkin atop a clear, candy-filled container, then give kids an assortment of candy for decorating. This character sports pearly white mini marshmallows for teeth, a construction paper hat with a hole cut out for the stem, and black licorice eyes.


    Spider Lollipops

    These spider lollipops could be one of the easiest Halloween DIY projects out there. Read on for the instructions on how to make this sweet treat and fun decoration.



    black garbage bag
    favorite flavored lollipops
    pipe cleaners
    small, clear rubber bands


    1. Snip off the top of a black garbage bag (retaining rest of the bag for use). Cut the long strip into squares and place over tops of lollipops. Secure with rubber bands.

    2. Take pipe cleaners and wrap around stick part of the lollipop. Put a slight bend in the legs so they stand up.


    Halloween Tombstones

    If you're planning on creating a haunted house at your event space, then creating tombstones for an outside area are a must. Check out these step-by-step instructions from HGTV for a more detailed DIY project.



    one 2" x 12" x 36" dry floral Styrofoam sheet
    serrated bread knife
    paring knife
    permanent marker
    black spray paint
    dark gray and white acrylic paint
    2 1/2" sash brush


    1. Use permanent marker to sketch an outline for two tombstones. Keep shapes simple so it's easier to cut out. Tip: A five gallon bucket lid or splatter screen makes a great template for a round top tombstone.

    2. Cut foam along sketched outline with a serrated bread knife. Since this step is messy, it's best to do it outside. Keep blade perpendicular to foam and use caution while cutting.

    3. Sketch out tombstone design. This can be a funny saying, a cross, RIP or anything you'd like. Keep designs simple and easy to carve. Tip: The tombstones will be painted, so sketching mistakes will not be visible.

    4. Carve sketched design with a serrated paring knife. Scratch knife point into surface at an angle, and carve at depth of about a 1/2 inch.

    5. Paint all tombstone surfaces with a can of black spray paint. Work in a well-ventilated area and apply paint in long even strokes. Spray tombstones from multiple angles to ensure good coverage. Allow ample dry time.

    6. Apply a thin coat of dark gray acrylic paint with a 2 1/2-inch sash brush. Drag brush along tombstone surface, preventing paint from getting inside carved design (this method is called dry-brushing, as very little paint is used). Allow this coat to dry.

    7. Apply second coat in the same manner, but in a mix of dark gray and white acrylic paint. Allow second coat to dry.

    8. Apply third coat in white acrylic paint in same manner as the others. Adding multiple layers of paint will give foam the appearance of granite. Allow final coat to dry. Tip: To place outside, insert bamboo skewers into tombstone and stick into ground.


    Ghost Lights

    Ghost lights are a lovely Halloween detail and can actually create great lighting with the proper materials. Not only that, they make for great decorations even without being lit! This is certainly the most complicated craft and is probably a better project for adults. Read the instructions below from Burton Avenue.



    mini clear ornaments
    off-white burlap sack or hemp material
    black permanent marker
    holiday lights


    1. Drill a 3/8" hole in the bottom of each ornament in the middle of the two pieces that connect.

    2. Cut burlap or hemp material into 11" squares and stack them on top of each other.

    3. Wrap one burlap square around an ornament and draw eyes with a marker.

    4. Place the square back on the pile and used the back of a paintbrush to paint over the marker. Paint should go through to square underneath, marking where the eyes go on the next square. Repeat until all the eyes are painted on each square.

    5. Grab your string of lights and poke a light through the center of the burlap. Wiggled it around to make the hole bigger and stick the light through to the back.

    6. Place the light in half the ornament, add the other half, and tie a piece of twine around the neck.


    We hope you enjoy these Halloween DIY projects! What are some of your favorite DIY projects? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.