5 Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

    October 24, 2013

    Halloween may be just one week away, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Even though this big, family holiday is five weeks from today, it's best to start planning early, especially since Thanksgiving requires so much attention to food. Here are five great Thanksgiving centerpieces to help showcase your glorious Thanksgiving spread.

    Go Natural

    A great way to highlight the season is to bring out natural elements into your Thanksgiving centerpieces and table settings. Use classic fall pieces like pumpkins, apples, or pomegranates and choose a variety of colors to contrast against all the vibrant shades of your delicious dishes. Grounding everything in a rich color, like the deep purple shown above. Include some candles as an extra, warm touch. Courtesy of Shannon Petrie.


    Glittered Corn Centerpiece

    If you want to class up your Thanksgiving centerpiece and go a little glitzy, try these glittered corn centerpieces courtesy of Martha Stewart. These are super easy to make. Simply glue some dried corn with gold glitter, gliding the ears with craft glue on a foam brush. Set in a glass bowl with some squash and you have a simple, elegant centerpiece in minutes!


    Pine Cones

    Pine cones are a staple of the holiday season and are so easy to craft into a festive centerpiece. Simply place them on a platter or an old wood box or stack on different levels using a tiered plate. Highlight their earthy color by contrasting with a bold, signature color like red. For an extra touch, scatter some maple leaves around the pine cones. This is a great centerpiece on a budget.


    Rustic Twigs

    This is a wonderfully rustic centerpiece and a more sparse decoration if you really want to highlight the food. Use an old, silver champagne bucket as your vase and fill with twigs from your backyard or on your street. Add more by placing some pears next to it or place your Thanksgiving feast on either side. Courtesy of Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors.


    Flower Bottles

    This is another great centerpiece that uses items from around the house. Grab a couple old beer bottles (green are ideal, but brown works too), and be sure to remove the label. The easiest way to do this without leaving a sticky residue is to steam the bottle until it peels off easily. Then, simply add any color flower you prefer. Red or green poinsettias work perfectly for the season, or try some darker shades of hydrangeas for an elegant feel.


    What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces? Tell us about it in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!