11 Amazing Party Mishaps!

    September 11, 2012

    Sometimes, no matter how much time and effort you put in to make an event perfect, something goes wrong. Sometimes, horribly wrong! Here are 11 party mishaps (and a few solutions!) to prepare you for potential disasters!

    1. A Friend or Relative is Drunk....Very Drunk.

    Most events with guests over drinking age involve alcohol. Fancy cocktails are delicious! However, there are times when people overdo it and it can quickly turn a situation from fun to uncomfortable. Example: Grandma had too many vodka cranberries and is yelling about how your mother in law looks fat in her dress. First, diffuse the situation. Get family or friends to take turns dancing with the person in question. If they are worse than you thought (if they can't stand or walk in a straight line) have someone take them inside and make them a few cups of coffee. Separate them from the rest of the party and start a group dance like YMCA or the Electric Slide. Really anything to distract from the scene you just skillfully cleared out!

    2. Your Caterer Dropped your $1000 Wedding Cake

    You paid for a beautiful vanilla bean cake - four tiers of strawberry filled, chocolate frosted bliss. The wedding planner approaches you as cake cutting time nears and tells you that the caterer dropped the cake. Don't panic. Well, try not to panic. Tell the very sympathetic chef to head to the nearest store for strawberries and chocolate for some chocolate covered strawberries. Try to get a few per guest, no one can stop at just one! Announce to your guests that there was a little accident (have they never seen the Food Network Cake challenges? They fall all the time and these are professionals here!) and that you have an alternative. Too embarrassed? We understand. Tell them you decided to go with an alternative to wedding cake and that Great Aunt Joanie loves chocolate covered strawberries. Guests will take whatever you serve, we promise. Try to take a deep breath and enjoy your party. It IS your night after all!



    3. Wardrobe Malfunctions



    Before you freak out, remember: It's happened to Emma Stone. It can happen to anyone, really. So your dress rips, you have...um...an unplanned reveal. Stay cool (at least on the outside) and cover up whatever it is that is showing. Grab a friend (or if you're a celebrity, your stylist) and go to a private area. If you can, use safety pins to close whatever tore open. Unrepairable? Change into something else! Chances are you had a runner up outfit of equal elegance. Set the torn garment aside and take it to the tailor tomorrow. If it's new or there is obviously something wrong (i.e. the garment was poorly made or the zipper broke) return it to the store with the receipt and explain your problem.



    4. You Are Giving a Toast and You Crack the Champagne Glass





    Well you've gotten everyone's attention! You might be embarrassed, but try to play it off by joking! Humor is the best diffuser of an uncomfortable situation. Tell the guests you just don't know your own strength or that they make glasses so thin these days. Everyone will chuckle and this gives you a great start for your speech! When your toast is over, be sure to gather the shards and replace the food of those around you. No one wants to eat a shard of Austrian crystal...



    5. The Best Man. Lost. The Rings.





    I don't know if you've noticed the trend yet, but stay calm if you can. I realize this is VERY difficult, especially since the symbol of your union to your spouse is missing, but take the best man aside and tell him to retrace his steps. Have staff, waiters, bridesmaids and the groom comb the wedding location for the rings. Offer a reward. Call in the troops. Chances are, the rings are in the best man's inside jacket pocket. You will likely find the rings. This will be a great story in five years! Maybe ten...



    6. Food Poisoning



    Now, it might not be your fault (or the fault of your caterer) but someone might get sick at your event. And you, the ever-gracious hostess, will have to deal with it. First step is to tend to the friend or relative who is ill. Pepto Bismol is a great solution to stomach ailments. Be sure to keep them hydrated with frequent sips of water or juice. Worst case scenario - multiple people are sick from the food you ordered. Take care of everyone and make sure no one is in need of serious medical attention. Obviously you can discuss pricing with the caterer. As in you don't pay them anything for food that made 50 of your closest friends and family sick to their stomachs.



    7. Someone Spilled Red Wine...On the Bride





    If you are the bride you have every right to freak out, but only if your makeup is waterproof. There are things you can do. Thankfully, wine happens after the wedding ceremony so you'll have had your big moment without a stain on your gown. However, it is stressful. It is THE dress of your lifetime! Depending on the fabric you can dab soda water onto it or sprinkle salt to absorb the liquid so the stain doesn't bleed larger. Take it to the dry cleaner the next day and let them work their magic. Actually, tell someone else to do that. You've been through enough.



    8. The Birthday Girl is ON FIRE!





    You've sang happy birthday and you lit all of the candles. The birthday girl leans in to make a wish. You hear a sizzle and her hair is ablaze! I know I keep saying don't panic. If she hasn't noticed (and this could be a 4 year old or a 40 year old here) quickly move over to her and clap out the flame with your hands. You won't burn yourself, just make it a quick clap out. If you are afraid of fire, pour a drink on her, but ONLY if it doesn't have alcohol. Ideally this would be water. Apologize and make a double hair appointment. A deep conditioning treatment and a trim for her, retouched highlights for you, the BEST friend.



    9. Plus...Four?



    Your friend RSVP'd to your party and you were so prepared for. You had everything under control until your friend showed up with three extra people. This happens more frequently than you might think. It is always a good idea to have extra food on hand at parties, but if you find yourself short, you have options. If you haven't served the food yet, you can adjust portions by borrowing a little from everyone else to make up the new plates. If you've already served everyone and only have enough for the REAL friends who let you know they were coming (really, people, it's called etiquette) be honest and tell them you don't have enough, but offer them some appetizers or something from the kitchen. They'll be fine, really.



    10. Broken Heels





    You are ROCKING your five inch heels at a party, you know everyone is watching you click-click down the hallway. You step onto the tiles of the kitchen and all of a sudden, you're down. You are sprawled across the floor and your heel is dangling off the body of your shoe. You could cry, but you are strong and you resist. Take off both shoes and go barefoot for the rest of the party - no matter how cute they are, you don't want to be walking around in a broken shoe, or just one shoe. If it is a relatively new pair, take the shoes back to the store and see if you can exchange them. Most places have good return policies, especially if you are a loyal customer. If they are older, take them to a cobbler (yes, really) to see if they are salvageable. Fret not, if neither of these work out, you'll just have to buy yourself a new pair of party shoes.



    11. Gum. In. Hair.




    This happens a lot at kids' parties, and it can be scary. But thankfully, there is an age-old solution for this dilemma. Peanut butter! Put a healthy sized glob over the area of hair where the gum is stuck. work the gum out little by little. If you are averse or allergic to peanut butter, olive oil works as well. If you're having trouble and nothing is working, isolate the gum from the rest of the hair and make an appointment with your hairdresser. They can cut out the are if you want to preserve length or chop it all into a cute pixie cut a la Miley Cyrus!



    Yep, party mishaps happen, and we learn to laugh them off over time! If you've got a great story to tell, we and our other readers would love to hear it! Facebook, Tweet at us, or comment here!