10 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

    October 14, 2013

    Happy October! Are you going to a costume party this year? Then you’re probably looking for unique Halloween costume ideas. Check out these top 10 original Halloween costume ideas for a little inspiration.

    1. Walter White from Breaking Bad

    Breaking Bad is one of the hottest shows, and with the recent series finale, it’s all anyone can talk about. So why not dress up as Walter White this Halloween? All you need is some geeky glasses and a teacher-esque outfit (a collared shirt and slacks works fine) and you’re set. To really bring home this costume, you could even carry small baggies of blue rocks to hand out to other guests in the Halloween party event space.

    2. Dwight Schrute from The Office

    All of the characters from The Office are hilarious, but Dwight Schrute has built his own enormous fan base of people who just can’t get enough of his dry humor and oddball pranks. To look the part, you’ll need to grease your hair and comb it in the center. Then get an old suit at your local thrift store and prepare for the night by memorizing some classic Dwight one-liners.

    3. Derek Zoolander

    This movie may be over ten years old but it’s gone down in history as a cult favorite. The great part about this costume is you can choose which outrageous outfit to dress up in for the night. Will you be Derek a la Derelicte or will you opt for Derek as Magnum? Either way, you're sure to be a hit. Don't forget to pose throughout the night!

    4. Bill Lumbergh from Office Space

    Oxford shirt, red suspenders, coffee mug, and a smug attitude is all you need to keep your friends laughing all night long as Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. If you are spending Halloween with a group of friends, consider having them dress up as other characters from the cult classic as well. As a tip, try sneaking up on a couple of guests in the Halloween party event venue and tell them they need to come into the office on Saturday and Sunday!

    5. Steve Urkel

    An oldy but a goody! Head to Goodwill to pick out some suspenders and tacky 80s outfits to pull out this Steve Urkel costume. And of course, you should practice his catch-phrase “Did I do that?”.

    6. Jersey Shore

    This costume idea works best if you have a group of friends to dress up with. That way, you can each dress as a different member of Jersey Shore. All you need is some tacky clothing from your local thrift store and plenty of hair gel!

    7. Leelu from The Fifth Element

    This costume is meant for someone who is not afraid to show off their body. Leelu’s most classic outfit is from her first scene where she is created and then covered in white bandages. So all you need to buy is an orange wig and put it in dreadlocks, then get some white gauze and create the bandages ensemble from the movie. Alternatively, you could buy white cloth and sew together your own white costume, using double-sided tape to make it hold through the night.

    8. Zach Morris from Saved By the Bell

    Find an old cell phone on Amazon to carry with you for the night, pick out your best 80s prep clothes, and give yourself a little refresher course on famous Zach Morris lines.

    9. Sriracha Hot Sauce

    Sriracha is a popular hot sauce with a distinct look. If you’re obsessed with this stuff, show your love by dressing as a bottle of it for Halloween! You can find Sriracha red t-shirts online, then all you need to do is create the green cap as your hat and voila!

    10. Double Rainbow

    This is an awesome costume idea for couples. All you need to do is create two rainbows, wear a white shirt that says rainbow on it and there you have it! An homage to that classic YouTube video.

    Which one of these unique Halloween costumes is your favorite? What will you be dressing up as this year for Halloween? We’d love to hear it! Feel free to share with us be leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!